Zane Massey and Matthew Mitchell were first brought together in mid 2016 by mutual friend and collaborator, Hungarian bassist Andor Horvath, and a musical rapport was immediately obvious to the three. The trio was soon joined by one of Holland's finest modern jazz drummers Wim Kegel who assimilated into the music immediately. With a repertoire of original material composed for the band by Mitchell, the group’s sound is evocative of their diverse roots, the sounds disparate continents coming together to form an eloquent whole that truly speaks in the languages of American and European jazz tradition, free music, the folk music of Hungary and the raw accents of Oceania.

Matt Mitchell
Wim Kegel
Andor Horvath
Zane Massey
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Zane Massey

The son of legendary American trumpeter-composer Cal MasseyZane Massey grew up around music. Born in Philadelphia, he moved with his family shortly after to Brooklyn. Inspired by his father, Massey played early on in his father's band and in his own Latin jazz group called the Young Blood Jazz Men. As a teenager he worked professionally and in the 1970's he recorded with Carlos Garnett. In the early 80's Massey was a member of Ronald Shannon Jackson's Decoding Society and the experience of performing free funk nightly helped open up his style. He also played with Sun Ra and Jemeel Moondoc.  Zane Massey has recorded two sets as a leader for Delmark (including his debut in 1992) and appeared on Roy Campbell's Delmark set. A forceful tenor saxophonist and improviser with roots in the jazz and avant garde traditions, Massey has also worked with Rashid Ali, Matthew Garrison, and has continually remained open to the influences of hip hop, reggae and electronic music.

Matthew Mitchell

New Zealand born Jazz guitarist, composer and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Mitchell has spent the last 20 years traveling the world collecting music, languages, friends and bizarre experiences in equal measures, all the while researching, collaborating and developing his own individual approach to contemporary jazz, music theory, harmony, composition and improvisation. After studying performance music in his homeland Matthew moved to London and quickly began to establish his own niche, working with Byron Wallen and bassist John Edwards. He also toured Europe performing electronic music and improvised music with diverse acts like Signer, Panda bear, Takagi Masakatsu and his own psychedelic project Skallander.

Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2013, he has found ways to live with and beyond these limitations and now based in Dortmund inspired by collaborations with other like minded explorers. 

He worked with William Parker, Hamid Drake, Byron Wallen, Ingrid Laubrock, Balint Gyemant and works regularly with Hungarian jazz luminaries Kalman Olah, Elemer Balazs.

Wim Kegel

Wim Kegel is one of the most prominent drummers in the Netherlands with a unique style that combines traditional jazz drumming with a progressive, contemporary and very personal approach.

Wim began playing drums at the age of six. After studying with his Father Nico Kegel and his first drum teacher, Paul van der Vossen, at age 15 Wim moved on to the Royal Conservatory in The Hague where he enrolled in the School for Dance and Music. Wim continued at the conservatory, earning his Masters in performance jazz. He graduated with honors in 1991 and went on New York and Boston on a grant from the Dutch Fund for Stage Arts, where he studied with Joe Morello, Bob Moses and Jamey Haddad. The latter introduced him to the frame drum and the accompanying techniques which have remained important to him throughout his career.

Over the years Wim has recorded over forty CDs with national and international musicians such as David Liebman, Bob and Chuck Findley, Ron Mc Croby, David Schnitter, Jeroen Manders, Willem van Manen’s Contraband, Marc van Roon, Hans Mantel, the group Special Delivery, Tilmar Junius, and the Down Town Jazz Band.

Wim has also appeared in concert with Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny (North Sea Jazz Festival 2004), Bob Berg, Sunny Murray, Bob Brookmeyer, Clark Terry, Johnny Griffin, Ferdinand Povel, George Duke and many more.

Andor Horvath

Andor was born in the small southern Hungarian city of Szeged where he finished his basic education but after all that the music placed him somewhere else. He moved to Budapest and there he studied the double bass. 

Seeking to further grow and develop he moved to The Netherlands where he studied at the Royal Conservatory of Holland.

During and after his studies Andor became an active part of the Dutch jazz scene, recording with Ljiljana Buttler, Marius Preda, Sintiromarus and Etnosaraj. He has also performed with Branford Marsalis, George Benson and Steve Coleman, to name a few. 

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